Thursday, July 7, 2011

"ice cream" sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches scream summer, right?

I whipped these babies up last night, and then had to dig deep and conjure up all the will power I had to not eat them. Why? Because I ran out of sunlight and couldn't snap photos of them.


It was h.a.r.d. not to devour them.

I mean, just look at them.


I popped out of bed promptly at 6:30 this morning and took advantage of the soft sunlight to do a mini photo shoot with these lovelies.


And then conjured up even more will power not to have two for breakfast.


I think you should make some this weekend. And give me a call so I can come over and eat one. Heck, make the trip to Iowa and I will make two just for you.


They are super simple. I mixed up a double batch of my cookie/cake/brownie things, rolled the dough into eight balls, flattened them slightly onto a cookie sheet lined with a baking mat and baked them at 325* for 15 minutes.

While I let them cool I made banana soft serve using my food processor.

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 4 dates

Process until smooth and creamy, shape into 4 balls and place in the freezer so they have a chance to harden up a bit.

When the cookies have cooled, dump some mini chocolate chips (I used vegan ones) onto a small plate and begin assembling your sandwiches by placing one scoop of "ice cream" between two cookies and then roll the edges in the chocolate chips.

Enjoy them now or place the sandwiches back in the freezer for as long as you can stand to not eat them.  Can you believe that I waited until after lunch to bite into my first one?

I promptly texted Nic and apologized in advance if he came home to an empty plate.



I ate my second one after dinner. Nic still has 1.5 left...pretty sure I am going to set my alarm for 2:36AM and sneak into the kitchen and eat them. I'll blame it on the dog, he'll never know.


  1. Yum!! That is on my list for the summer - make homemade ice cream sandwiches and to use banana soft serve - genius idea!

  2. Bananas have been added to my grocery list...just so I can freeze them and make these! They look delish!

  3. Those are some pretty ice cream sandwiches! I'm really impressed that you waited to take pictures of them. That's why I'm not a food blogger. :)

  4. Oh man, those look soooooooo good! I'm "Starring" this in my google reader so I can come back to it. Now that I "have" a vitamix I'm gonna be processing up all sorts of good stuff. ;-)

  5. gosh these look incredible, well done! great photography too. thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautifully delicious photos! These look awesome!