Saturday, February 16, 2013

think garnish

A new favorite find that came in handy while during the holidays and after, Garnish offered up some great packaging ideas for treat boxes for a friend as well as for my random deliveries of baked goods.

Christmas boxes full of vegan treats for our friend to deliver to his family, friends and clients. These boxes where a great option and tied with twine and a small cookie cutter were super cute.

IMG_1386 IMG_1399
IMG_1393 IMG_1396IMG_1398
I included a small photo of all of the goodies included in each box; macaroons, triple ginger ginger snaps, jam kolaches, eggnog biscotti, granola nut clusters, coconut milk truffles and "peanutella". I used these containers for the peanutella, a perfect portion to slather on two slices of toast.

I cannot wait to order a few more items from Garnish as I start planning for the 2013 farmers market season. My twisted english muffin bread would look so cute baked in these, and my vegan chocolate chip cookies could easily be wrapped and ready to go in these

So many ideas...

{For the record - these are my opinions and I simply blogged this information so I can remember what I used and what I would like to use in the future.}


  1. Will you be a vendor at the market this year? Which one? I did it for one summer a couple years back in my small town. A TON of work, but very rewarding!

    1. I am going to be a vendor again this year! It was a lot of work, but through all the craziness to get ready for it, the pay off (ie: an empty table at the end of the market) was totally worth it!